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Let’s just brush over the bit where I talk about how much I love zombies and just get to the part where I introduce the next thing to watch if you’re a zombie fan… Meet iZombie. This isn’t your usual zombie show though, oh no. This is comedy spliced with a police procedural and shaken up with zombies. It’s a loose adaptation of the Vertigo comic book of the same name and tells the story of Liv Moore (played by Rose McIver) as she solves crimes thanks to some special zombie superpowers.

Liv is a normal medical resident with everything ahead of her – a glittering career in medicine and a handsome soon-to-be-husband. But one boat party too far, and she finds herself a zombie needing brains to stay normal. These zombies aren’t your usual walking dead – eating brains help them stay human (and less rage-monster) but has the side effect of offering visions from the dead person’s life. Liv uses this to great effect, by solving murders. But eating brains means that for a little while at least, the zombie takes on the characteristics of the person they’ve just eaten.

That’s where the comedy comes in. Each week, Liv must deal with the personality traits of the brains as she tries to solve the mystery of their murder with her friend Ravi (played by Rahul Kohli). Working in the morgue, she gets unlimited brains and unlimited murders to solve, but things aren’t always straightforward. She must also deal with the best friend, the ex-fiancé and the unpleasant appearance of her zombie-creator, Blaine (David Anders). Being a zombie is never easy.

I love this new twist on the zombie story. Forget the hordes of hungry undead, this is a sharp and witty kind of zombie – the kind that gets fake tans and takes on the personality traits of cheerleaders. McIver is a hilarious protagonist, with perfect comedy timing and enough moral dilemma to make you really root for her.

The personalities she takes on are real tropes – they are exaggerated clichés of the people they choose to represent, and that can sometimes be uncomfortable. But if you can brush over that, it becomes deeply enjoyable. The relationships between the characters are authentic and they spark off each other easily. Even Blaine is a good character to fall in love with, despite being the Big Baddie of the season. Plus, there are some great love interests going on (I will forever adore Bradley James as Lowell Tracey) that add to the layers of the whole season.

This is a much more light-hearted zombie story than the ones we’re used to. If you haven’t quite had your Z fix after The Walking Dead but need something with less emotional baggage, give iZombie a go. It’s bright and fun and filled with brain-eating zombies with a sense of humour.

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  1. Sandi

    I agree so much with this review! I’m not a zombie movie fan as such, but like a bit of fantasy world and police procedurals too, so this hits the spot with the comedy being the icing on the cake: I’ve had a couple of real laugh out loud moments. Oh, and I agree about Bradley James. Such a shame he wasn’t in many episodes!

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