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I might be a member of Fitness First, but I’m not a one-gym girl. I like to check out the competition, so this week I’ve invited Laura of Life by Laura to tell us all about her choice of gym: Virgin Active…


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I haven’t always been a fan of the gym, there were times where I was more a fan of “let’s see how much cheese I can eat without having a heart attack” BUT the last few years I have been more into my fitness and being healthy. Particularly this year as I am getting married and girl gotta fit into that dress!

I have tried many gyms in the past from leisure centres to 24 hours gyms to other brands such as fitness first but for me, none of those compare to Virgin Active.

Now I am not on commission (although I think I should be!) nor do I benefit in any way from saying this, I just genuinely love their gyms!

The love affair started about 3 years ago when I took my friend for her birthday, I’d bought a voucher for the beauty salon at my local Virgin Active which entitled each of us to a massage and exclusive use of the gym facilities. I remember lushing over everything and saying to my friend “one day I hope I can afford this gym!”

Low and behold I am now a member and I could not be happier! I can’t lie to you, the memberships are on the pricey side and I do get mine subsidised slightly by my office BUT it’s so worth it!

So why is it so good??

My main reason is the classes, I am a class girl for the majority and their classes are way better than any others I’ve tried. The instructors are great, so enthusiastic and helpful; always willing to give you different options based on any ailments you may have.

What is particularly good is that each class is taught pretty much the same in all their Clubs; this fluidity means that you know what to expect with each gym you visit.

To ensure you don’t get bored of doing the same classes they switch it up regularly with new releases! (So once you finally nail that routine, it gets changed lol gotta keep you on your toes eh!?) They also trial and introduce new classes all the time so there’s always something different to try. My gym in London has creative classes like antigravity yoga where you swing from hammocks attached to the ceiling, and bootybarre which is a ballet based class to help sculpt a booty that even Beyoncé would be jealous of.

So much variety and you actually end up having fun! Yep that’s right … who knew the gym could be fun?!

The gym floor itself is always well equipped and kept clean and tidy. They have now introduced “get to grips” classes, such as “get to grips with weight training” for newbies who may feel a little gymtimidated by all the beefcakes lifting the equivalent of a baby elephant. Personally I think this is a great concept cause although I’ve been a member for two years I still feel like a gymtimidated newbie in the weights section! I actually recently attended one of these classes and was SO impressed by the trainer, you could tell he was passionate about what he does. He basically gave us advice on how to use the machines, what reps/sets you should be doing and nutritional advice all based on different goals.

I’d actually like to give props to all the staff who are super helpful, if I’ve ever had a query be it in person, via email or on the phone I’ve always been treated in a polite manner and aided to the best of their ability.

Now I’m not a fan of swimming but I have friends who use the pool areas and have no complaints, my home gym is equipped with a Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna which I am a huge fan of! A friend and I tend to arrange Jacuzzi meetings where we basically have a gossip and get all pruney – pure bliss.

Virgin active may not be for everyone but as you can tell it’s definitely for me! I’ve also managed to convince friends to switch over and they love it just as much as I do. (I prefer working out with other people, it just adds to the fun of the session and gets you more pumped up and motivated – I recently did a post on gym motivation which you can find here)

So there we have it … my love letter/review of Virgin Active. But don’t take my word for it, grab yourself a guest pass and go check it out for yourself.

Let me know what you think of it J And if you’re already a member… I’ll see you there!

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