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Wednesday 15 June 2016 by

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After the failure (on my part) to complete the 90 Day SSS Plan, I heard from an old friend about a new fitness opportunity. The thing with my fitness is that I’m more interested in the fitness part of it than the ultimate results (they’re the bonus). After applying for the London marathon, I knew I had to get on board with something, and The Healthy Body Engineer has the answer. A 16 week programme to get me fit, healthy and strong. Kyla founded The Healthy Body Engineer to “help women embrace their strength and celebrate their bodies through holistic health and fitness”. She has been working at her own fitness for 10 years, and now wants to help others as a qualified personal trainer. After talking about my goals and needs, Kyla met me to run through her programme. Carefully crafted to get the most from my body, this programme uses weights to tone my body, combined with cardio through running (yes, I really am going running again). It was a great first session – walking me through the machines and introducing me to the weights area so I feel more confident. Weights areas can be intimidating to the uninitiated, and especially as a woman, so it felt good when I walked in there and got it right, learning about how to use the weights in the best way for my body. Kyla is friendly, knowledgeable and motivating – I couldn’t ask for a better coach. Over the next 16 weeks, I’ll be blogging about my progress and how Kyla’s programme works for me. Stay posted – and follow The Healthy Body Engineer on Facebook!

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