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Friday 17 June 2016 by

As an inherently lazy person, I often find it difficult to motivate myself to cook dinner. I’d always instinctively reach for microwave meals, takeaway, or just skip dinner completely. Then I found Mindful Chef. I’ve talked about them on the blog a bit already, but here’s another reminder about how brilliant they are!

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Gluten free, organic, free of refined sugar and any nasty extras, these meals are perfectly packed for one person, so there’s no waste. Each meal comes portioned out with a recipe card (I’m putting all of mine in a folder to keep and use later) and the meals are healthy and delicious. A recent favourite of mine has to be the creole chargrilled beef steak with sweetcorn and avocado salsa. Fresh and tasty, it was the perfect balance between comfort food and barbecue.

For just £24 a week, I get three meals delivered to my door – I usually pick two meat/fish and a vegan, but there is a plant-based box for veggies. I don’t have to worry about shopping lists, or forgetting something, or even having food go to waste. I spend so much time running about in the evenings, that it’s sometimes pushing it to even manage three meals at home a week! Imagine doing a weekly shop and then finding that you’re out most nights and you don’t use anything you’ve bought because you don’t have time (or can’t be bothered when you do). Thankfully, I look forward to my Mindful Chef dinners, so I always find time to cook them – plus, they are all done in half an hour or under, so it doesn’t feel like a chore.

Mindful Chef even give you little reminders about your meal plans (which you can pause and cancel at any time) so you don’t end up with meals you don’t like. Or, they can surprise you! Just let them know what food you can and can’t have (they have a preferences section for this) and they will tailor you weekly menu for you.

Designed to make things as easy as possible, this is much better than a microwave meal any day, and the portions always fill me up and leave me satisfied. Worth every penny!

All House of Blog readers can claim 25% off your first four boxes with the code FRIEND25*

*Use the discount code FRIEND25 on your first four Mindful Chef boxes. Offer is exclusive to Mindful Chef and House of Blog. There is also the option to cancel after one box if you are unsatisfied with the service (you won’t be).

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