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La Patagonia, Camden, London, Argentina

Dinner with the family is always a good evening out. This time, we revisited some of our more Southern roots; my maternal family grew up in Argentina, and Argentine cuisine is the ultimate in comfort food. In our search for authentic tastes, we found our way to La Patagonia just round the corner from Mornington Crescent station, on Camden High Street.

This place promises authentic Argentine food, which is evident by the menu – empanadas, grilled meat, chimichurri, oven baked fish, Argentine wines and alfajors. There’s even lashings of dulce de leche over all the desserts!

La Patagonia, Camden, London, Argentina, Empanadas

The restaurant itself is small – just a handful of tables with narrow walkways between. You can practically share your meal with your neighbour, and when it gets busy it can be quite noisy, but it all adds to the atmosphere. The walls are pasted with Argentine memorabilia; photographs and flags and beautiful signs.

If you’re going to have a proper Argentine dinner, it’s got to be meat. The others started with empanadas – lightly fried pastries stuffed with beef mince, boiled eggs, green olives and raisins (note: only proper empanadas have raisins!) – whilst I picked chorizo a la pomarola. This homemade sausage comes in a super-garlicky tomato sauce with fresh bread on the side (avoid the bread if you’re gluten free!). The chorizo was just on the right end of spicy, and the tomato sauce was rich and warming.

La Patagonia, Camden, London, Argentina, Churrasco criollo, Steak

Mains were always going to be meat – for proper Argentine barbecue, pick from the parilla part of the menu (suitable for two or more people only!). I chose churrasco criollo – rump steak with a fried egg, sauté peppers and onions and served with chips and side salad. There’s also chimichurri sauce if you ask nicely. The steak is a huge cut – it’s done the right way, and so good. The chips are safe for eating thank goodness!

If you still have room after all of that, grab a flan casero – simply crème caramel with dulce de leche. It’s a sweet and light finish for a good meal. If you’re a fan of dulce de leche though, pick up and alfajor. The traditional Argentine biscuits are crumbly, sweet cookies sandwiched with dulce de leche and showered in icing sugar. You only get served one, but that will be just enough because they are super sweet (and after your steak you might not fit another bite in!)

La Patagonia, Camden, London, Argentina, Flan casero, Dulce de Leche, Creme Caramel

Reasonably priced, a great atmosphere and good, traditional Argentine cuisine, La Patagonia is a hidden gem. Argentina comes to Camden, and it tastes amazing.

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