Today I’m Wearing: Oasis Saffron Stripe Midi Dress

Tuesday 21 June 2016 by

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Despite the rain, I am determined to stay summery. The best way to do it is to wear something bright and pretty. This Oasis midi dress is perfect. I love the shape of it, with the flare to the skirt, and the square-cut neckline. Because it’s such pretty colours, I keep everything else as simple as possible, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw these laser cut flats in Topshop. They’re just so sweet. They’re exactly the kind of flats I want for summer – smart but cute, lightweight and easy to wear. Everything about this outfit screams June for me. Exactly what I need to ignore the rain. Up yours, British summer. I’m feeling fine in yellow.

Oasis saffron stripe midi dress, £60 £30

Topshop VIVO laser cut floral pump, £18

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