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I feel like a decent satchel is my Moby Dick. I’m not even kidding – it has taken me years to find the perfect satchel. I had one (rich orange-tan leather, the perfect length, it was amazing right up until the strap broke) and I was heartbroken to set it aside. Since then I have tried a green-and-brown Urban Outfitters (do you know how hard it is to style green and brown with your outfit when you wear mostly blue and black?), little micro satchels (I have way too much stuff to be dealing with that) and even a not-quite-perfect-but-pretty-close black saddle bag from Accessorize that I loved until the strap snapped a measly 3 months after buying it.

And then there was Zatchels. At the risk of mixing metaphors here, Zatchels was my knight in shining armour. Handmade, custom satchels for a reasonable price (none of those exorbitant Cambridge Satchel Company fees). It was dreamy. Created in 2011, it began with the traditional satchel and has grown into the go-to for celebrities and fashion bloggers alike.

Pick your ideal satchel from their huge range online, and custom to your heart’s content. Want magnetic fasteners instead of buckles? No problem. Need an over-the-top enormous satchel to fit your life into? Easy. Simply pick your bag of choice and opt for size and add-ons from the menu on the right hand side.

This does mean that prices vary according to your personalisation, so I’m not going to even give you a cost with this. Instead, go and check them out. You can have anything from the plain black satchel (like mine) to a pillarbox red saddle bag or a white and violent daisy barrel bag to a magenta backpack. They cater for every taste and requirement. You can even get your bag engraved for an extra special something.

Because it is all handmade, you are going to have to wait up to 28 days for delivery (which is free in the UK). But trust me when I say it’s worth it. The bags come with certification and their own dust bag to protect the leather, and the leather quickly softens the more you use it. I will admit I’m sad I didn’t opt for magnetic fasteners (buckles are a pain when trying to grab your Oyster card in a hurry), but other than that my black satchel is the perfect size, weight and shape for what I wanted.

Captain Ahab no more – I have found my white whale.

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