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This month is the start of a brand new feature on the blog called Beauty Spot. This means I feature one brand in all their glory for the whole month.

The Body Shop, Superfood face masks, Skin care, Beauty

First up is The Body Shop. I chose them as my first Spot because they are such a brilliant brand, for beginners to experts. Their Body Butters are staples for any beauty regime, and they have a beautiful range of skin and body care products for any requirement. This month, they have launched five brand new superfood face masks.

The Body Shop only makes products from natural ingredients, and doesn’t test on animals, with fantastic ethical commitments behind a lot of their ranges – such as sourcing fair trade tea tree oil from Kenya – so their products not only feel good but do good.

The superfood face masks promise to be as good to your skin as superfoods are for your body. All are 100% vegetarian, and once again made from fair trade products. I snapped up three to try straight away.

The Body Shop, Superfood face masks, Skin care, Beauty, Himalayan charcoal

Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask, £15

What does it promise? This mask promises to release impurities and toxins in the skin for a youthful, healthy glow – that means unclogging and refining pores and revealing a natural glow – all inspired by Ayurvedic traditions to give skin a new lease of life. Sounds good, right?

What does it have in it? The three magic ingredients are bamboo charcoal from the Himalayan foothills (to draw out impurities and excess oil), green tea leaves from Japan (rich in antioxidants and catechins to exfoliate) and Community Trade tea tree oil from Kenya (to help skin look clearer).

Result: On clean skin, smooth an even layer of the mask on and leave for 5-10 minutes until the mud is dry, then wash off with warm water. The mask is a delightful green-grey colour, with thick exfoliating lumps – exactly how you would imagine a mud mask to look. The overwhelming smell is the green tea – clean and rich, with undertones of tea tree oil which leave a slightly chemical after-smell. It goes on smoothly and dries really quickly, and washing it off it really felt it was having an effect on my skin. My face felt instantly smoother and cleaner. I can’t guarantee it was plumper, but for a clean, fresh face this is perfect. Use at the end of the week to clean out all that unwanted dirt and leave your face feeling refreshed for the weekend!

The Body Shop, Superfood face masks, Skin care, Beauty, British rose

British rose fresh plumping mask, £15

What does it promise? This mask is for skin that needs to be “quenched and replumped” with “moisture and comfort” for a dewy glow, and inspired by European bathing rituals. Lots of magic words there, but does it work?

What does it have in it? Of course, it includes real rose petals from Britain (to replenish moisture in the skin), plus rosehip oil from Chile (full of Omega 3 and 6 to help skin tone) and Community Trade Organic aloe vera from Mexico (gentle and calming for your skin).

Result: If you don’t like the smell of roses, you might not like this one! It smells super-sweet, and has an amber-gold colour to it, with a consistency like a cooling gel. Apply to damp skin and leave for 5-10 minutes. It’s soft on the skin, and doesn’t dry out like the charcoal mask. Instead, it washes off smoothly and quickly with warm water. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling as smoothed and as clean as the other mask either, but it leaves it feeling refreshed and nourished. Definitely the ideal moisture mask for an extra injection of refreshment.

The Body Shop, Superfood face masks, Skin care, Beauty, Ethiopian honey

Ethiopian honey deep nourishing mask, £15

What does it promise? This mask has been inspired by African healing and soothing rituals. Honey is a well-known healer, so I was excited to try this one. The mask claims to give skin an intense dose of moisture and comfort to make it softer and smoother.

What does it have in it? Honey! This mask mixes Community Trade pure honey from Ethiopia with Community Trade marula oil from Namibia (improving skin’s elasticity) and Community Trade Organic olive oil from Italy (for lots of Omega 9 to help with skin’s elasticity and prevent dryness). It almost sounds good enough to eat.

Result: Not only does it look exactly like honey, but it smells pretty tasty too. It has an underlying scent of olive oil, which leaves a fresh after-scent and makes you think of summer. This, oddly, has perhaps the most “natural” smell of all three. Apply to damp skin and leave for 5-10 minutes again. This is very similar to the rose mask in texture, consistency and overall feel. But instead of feeling moisturised, there is an amazing feeling of nourishment. You can feel the goodness seeping in to your skin, and this had the most immediate results – skin felt clean and healthy, and I could even see a calming of redness. This has got to be my favourite of the lot – I loved the natural smell, the cooling texture once applied, and the gentle results.

Shop other masks in the range

Chinese ginseng and rice clarifying polishing mask, £15

For brighter-looking, more even, supple skin; inspired by Chinese traditions, this creamy exfoliating mask includes ginseng, rice extract and sesame seed oil.

Amazonian acai energising radiance mask, £15

For skin that needs a recharge from signs of fatigue and stress; inspired by the rituals of Amazonian tribes, this mask combines acai berry, guarana and babassu oil to exfoliate and invigorate tired skin.

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