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Burgers have become a way of life for me. I’ve made it my mission to find the best gluten free burgers in town, and of course one of my stops had to be Honest Burgers. Despite my eternal love for Gourmet Burger Kitchen, I couldn’t resist the siren call of gluten free fries. And they did not disappoint.

Honest has branches all over London, including one around the corner from my work, so it wasn’t hard to find friends and chow down. The branches all look the same – wooden floors, wooden benches and stools, and big chalkboards displaying their very simple menu. There’s nothing fancy at Honest – just three choices of burger (beef, chicken or veggie) with a sparse range of toppings. Choose a beef burger and you can add cheese or bacon, request extra sauce on the side, or pick from their side orders of onion rings, coleslaw or salad. But that’s your lot.

See, the thing with Honest, is that they don’t want you distracted from their burger. Every burger comes in a white dish with rosemary salted fries and nothing else. Gluten free buns are an extra £1, but with prices starting from just £7.50, it doesn’t feel like breaking the bank.

I opted for a cheeseburger, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the gluten free bun didn’t crumble at my touch, but instead held firm, which is handy as they don’t give you a fork. But forget the medium-rare patty, the thick layer of cheese, and the sticky-sweet onion relish, what I really go back to Honest for are their fries.

Rosemary salted fries are the height of simple elegance – crisp and sharp to counter the sweetness of the burger, with just enough rosemary to add extra flavour. They are a thing of wonder (although this could be partly due to the fact that I haven’t eaten fries in a long time). Order a mint lemonade or “tin cup” cocktail (a Botanic Garden is just the right side of fresh) to wash down the salt, and you are in burger heaven.

Every branch I’ve been to has been filled to the brim, and the vibe is one to sit back and take in. Unless you go wild, your bill is only ever going to come to around £20, and the flavours are hearty, rich and honest. If you like your burgers straight up with no nonsense, then Honest Burgers are the best in town.

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