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I’m always interested to find new products to help with health and beauty. Oh My Glow superfood detox is a supplement that promises to help with your skin and give you a healthy glow. Plus, the 10 superfoods that make up Oh My Glow contribute to reduce bloating and boost energy. But what’s in it? Packed to the brim, Oh My Glow is made up of maqui berry, chia seeds, acai berry, goji berry, maca, strawberry, lucuma, guarana and cranberry – all magic ingredients. Simply mix it up with water, or stir in to your food.

As for the taste (and results) … the taste itself is a bit odd. I genuinely wouldn’t recommend having it just in water. Mix it in with banana and honey in your morning porridge, or add to a smoothie for a berry taste. On its own, it’s a bit odd, and kind of bitter. But in smoothies and food, it’s delicious.

This is the beauty of Oh My Glow – it’s easy to incorporate in to everyday life, and it’s good for you. What more could you want?

I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin since taking it. Breakouts are less, although they are still there every now and then, and I’m certainly less bloated than I was before. But this isn’t a magic cure-all. Combined with a healthy diet, of course you’ll see the benefits, but it’s not going to make any difference if you don’t make sure you follow a healthy lifestyle too.

You can buy the powder in 14- and 28-day packets and prices start from £24.99. I picked up the 14-day packet because I wanted to try it out, but I will definitely be going for more. You can also get a recipe book for some great ideas on how to use it, or a cacao and almond brownie mix for a treat. It’s the pricier end of beauty treatments, but it’s definitely more natural. It’s worth trying, at least!

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