Beauty Spot: Winter Must-Haves from The Body Shop

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Winter is fast approaching – as the last couple of days have proven. So now it the time to stock up on beauty products that keep your skin protected throughout the cold months. The Body Shop is on hand to give you five winter saviours for your skin…

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Honeymania™ Body Butter

It’s hard to believe there was a time before The Body Shop body butter. But it was only launching 1992, with the mango body butter. Nowadays, the body butters come in a variety of scents, with limited edition ranges popping up all the time. A personal favourite is the Honeymania™ body butter, £14, which not only smells delicious but has all the benefits of honey to soothe, moisturise and heal your winter skin.

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Hemp Hard Working Foot Protector

Hemp tends to get a bit of a bad reputation, but this plant is good for the environment and good for your skin. After running about in sandals all summer, you’re about to wrap up your feet in boots and thick socks, so show them some love with hemp hard working foot protector, £10. This is heavy-duty stuff, promising to soften and moisturise even the toughest of skin. Pop it on just before bed and wear some socks to keep the moisture in for extra benefits.

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Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish

Give tired and lacklustre skin a boost with plenty of Vitamin C. This Vitamin C facial cleansing polish, £12, cleanses and exfoliates in one step, leaving behind fresh and bright skin. There’s nothing quite like a burst of citrus to wake you up, so try it in the morning when you get up, followed by some soothing toner and a gentle moisturiser. Your face will have an all-year-round summer glow before you know it.

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Chinese Ginseng and Rice Clarifying Polish Mask

One of the brand new superfood masks, this Chinese ginseng and rice clarifying polish mask is £15 a go. Revitalising skin, this is the perfect mask to see you through to spring, with a lovely creamy texture and plenty to get your skin feeling good. The latest thing is to multi-mask, so try this across your cheeks and T-zone, and team it with the Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask to draw out any impurities.

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Wild Argan Oil Hand Cream

Hands are so easily neglected, but they go through a lot during winter. Give them some extra attention and put a tube of the wild argan oil hand cream, £4, in your bag. It has a lovely non-greasy formula, and soaks in fast, so you don’t feel like you’re having to wave your hands about for ages before you can touch anything. Pay close attention to problems areas such as knuckles and around the nails. Argan oil is full of benefits so will help repair your skin too.

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