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Between the gym classes and weights sessions, my favourite fitness pastimes are still yoga and running. Which is probably why I’m so in love with lululemon athletica™. Set up in Vancouver in 1998, the store creates apparel for yoga and running (although this has now expanded to dancing and other fitness pursuits). They specialise in fabrics created to help you with the best workout; from Luxtreme™, developed for long runs, to Nulu™, a perfectly lightweight fabric designed to deliver a next-to-nothing feeling during your workout.

There are now stores all over London, including one in Covent Garden, which means it’s right around the corner from work. Now the prices might prevent you from indulging in lunchtime splurges (a complete outfit could set you back over £90), but it’s the other stuff they do that interests me.

You see, each store hosts events. Not just promotional events with wine and a talk from a fitness guru about the latest fabric. I mean running clubs and yoga sessions and even self-defense workshops!

You can sign up online to your chosen store to regular updates on what is happening; Covent Garden in fact host a running club every Wednesday night, and frequently get the likes of Tribe to come along with extra goodies.

Aside from that, it’s the service you get at lululemon that makes it all worthwhile when you’re handing over the credit card. They not only know what they’re talking about, but they know that it’s not all about the sale at the end of the day – they would rather get it right than stack up the cost for you. And that’s what makes it special. I sometimes wander around just to chat about fitness and get to know people; although I do often spend money at the end of it too (I’m a salesperson’s dream).

Definitely head over to lululemon if you want comfortable, well-made workout gear and a brilliant service, with the added bonus of events most weeks to get you going.

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