The 10 Best Workout Songs

Sunday 25 September 2016 by

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The gym can be boring. We all know it. It can be a slog and it can hurt and it can take all your motivation just to get through one workout. But what happens if you have a really good playlist to hand? Suddenly, everything seems so much better and – dare I say it – easier. That’s why I’ve picked some of the best workout songs to help you get through…

The one to get you there

You just need that one song to get you up and out the door ready for your workout. That’s why I always play the Black Eyed Peas, because it’s full of those good vibes.

The one to warm up to

Whenever you start a workout, you need to warm up. This song will get you through that initial first bit without too much trouble.

The one to get you started

Always try an up-tempo song to really get you going. Pack it full of attitude to make you feel like you’re about to boss this workout and you’re all set.

The one for cardio

Fast-paced and perfect timing for your feet, get the blood pumping with this song from Junge Junge. I love it for treadmill and bike work.

The one to give you that extra burst of energy

I’m really getting in to bass music as I work out at the moment. I love how fast and furious it is, and I always imagine some kind of amazing dance sequence (because I am an excellent dancer, obviously).

The one for weights

This is all about strength. This song will make you feel strong and powerful as you’re lifting those weights. Plus I have a real guilty love of Meghan Trainor…

The one for a HIIT session

High Intensity Interval Training is fast and furious, much like this song. Plus, it’s the perfect blend of fast and slow for those rounds of movement and rest.

The one for a long workout

You need something you can comfortably hear on repeat if you’re going for that longer workout. This one I cannot stop listening to!

The one to cool down to

Time to chill out and cool off. Perfect for stretching, this is just the right amount for a good stretching session before you head home.

The one to take you home

You want to keep that just-been-to-the-gym feeling all day – it feels good and there is nothing stopping you today. This song will keep that feel-good factor going even after your workout.

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