The Magic of Pumpkin Seeds

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Everyone loves a good superfood. The magic words of 2015 and 2016, superfoods have become kitchen essentials. But what are superfoods and what do they actually do for you? I bet you could reel off the basic ones; avocado, quinoa, pomegranate… but what about the not-so obvious ones?

Did you know that pumpkin seeds are magic too? Packed full of zinc and magnesium, these little seeds can boost your immune system, keep your skin looking bright, and improve circulation. The zinc fights infection and bad bacteria, as well as helping to improve skin conditions such as acne. That’s not all – iron, protein and B1 and B2 mean that by adding just a handful of pumpkin seeds to your diet can mean skin improvement and bone growth.

I suffer from rosacea and acne, which means I’m constantly on the warpath when it comes to skincare. By adding a few pumpkin seeds to my breakfast, the natural oils and zinc help to regenerate my skin and repair the damage done by sun and make-up (and alcohol!).

They can be bought super cheap, and you can always throw them in a salad or soup if you’re at a loss with what to do with them. Superfoods aren’t always a hipster choice or have to be fancy organic stuff from Whole Foods, but they really are worth adding in to the diet.

How to use them

Extract them from the pumpkin and let them dry before roasting until golden brown with some oil and spices. Alternatively, add them to carrot muffins (Cookie + Kate has a great recipe here) or add to smoothies as an extra.

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