5 Really Obvious Fitness Cheats

Monday 9 January 2017 by

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Get off a stop early

If you commute by public transport, just jump off a stop early and walk the rest of the way. Okay, so this one doesn’t work so much if it’s raining, or if there are several miles between stops, but in London, the difference between one stop and another is often a matter of minutes. Take the extra time to enjoy the fresh air and stretch those legs.

Take the stairs

Stop getting the elevator! Take the stairs instead – even if it’s just once a day. Okay, so some of the stairs in the tube stations are over ten floors high and they have warning signs about not taking them unless you absolutely have to, but perhaps you can walk the escalators instead.

Take a lunchtime stroll

You get a whole hour for lunch, but probably eat in about 15 minutes flat. Take the rest of the time to go for a walk. If you work in London, you might even discover some hidden gems! I work on the Strand, which means a lunchtime stroll takes me along the river, to Trafalgar Square, or across to Southbank for street food. It’s well worth the extra steps.

Do the food shop

Get some big tote bags that fit over your shoulders and pop your food shop in there. Walk home with them for some extra weights exercises. Just don’t overfill it! You might end up doing a slightly smaller shop (but that will help you cut out the junk food) but it will help in the long run.

Clean the house

So you probably already do this once a week, right? Well how about putting extra elbow grease in to it? Do those niggly little bits you’ve been meaning to do – the dust bunnies in those hard-to-reach spots, the cobwebs in the corners, the mould in the grouting. Whatever it is, add an extra bit of cleaning to your weekly vacuum and reap the benefits.

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  1. Curlychriscoach

    and… Every time you stand up from the desk, perform a few stretches and a few deep breaths then walk tall! Soon becomes a habit!

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