The Power of a Good Red Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

Saturday 14 January 2017 by

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I said it before, and I’ll say it again – 2017 is the year of lipstick for me. I love that a simple, bold colour can make me feel powerful and chic all at once. My friend, CK, wears lipstick all the time, and she often wears MAC’s Russian Red and I’m lowkey in love with it. But CK – ever the expert when it comes to all things lipstick – recommended that I try MAC’s infamous Ruby Woo, £15.50. This shade of red has been a worldwide favourite for years. It’s a matt blue-red that stays for hours without drying. I absolutely love this colour – only my NARS pink has had more compliments. I picked up the lip liner to match to improve the colour, and it lasts even after eating and drinking endless tea! I’m a convert, and can see why it’s such a favourite. There’s nothing quite like a powerful red to make you feel unstoppable.

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