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Sunday 15 January 2017 by

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When I don’t make it to the gym, I get antsy. And admittedly, it’s been hard to get a routine in place again this year so I’ve been struggling. Now, I am discovering the joys of extra walking. It might be cold and dark, but this week I’ve been taking the opportunity to walk a bit further each day. Friday night found me walking from the Strand to London Bridge. It was brisk but clear, and the Southbank was beautiful – I even managed to take extra time to admire the skyline and take in the city (my favourite spot is right outside the Globe).

I also have vague plans to do another marathon this year, but I haven’t been for a run for so long I think I might have forgotten what it’s like. Getting off a tube stop early, or walking to meet friends instead of jumping on the bus, is my way of getting my legs moving again and counteracting the cabin fever that comes from a lack of gym time.

As long as it stays dry, London is actually really beautiful in the winter. It’s like the wind strips the city clean and leaves it bright and fresh. My hands-down favourite thing to do is to put on a playlist, grab a hot chocolate, and explore the city. Give yourself an extra 15 minutes this week and take the long route to work. Look up, notice what’s going on around you, and appreciate the moment.

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