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So it sounds like the clean eating trend is over. With a huge backlash against the term and what it entails, bloggers and nutritionists alike are backing away from the concept. The idea of clean eating suggests that some eating is dirty – that there are certain foods that should be cut from your diet, and you should be ashamed of certain things you eat.

None of this, of course, is true. Cutting sugar, dairy, gluten, pulses or alcohol from your diet will have no tangible effects, unless you are allergic. For me, clean eating was always about eating things that are fresh and healthy. Because of my gluten intolerance, I have cut out gluten, but I haven’t stopped anything else. I still have pizza, cheese, chocolate, alcohol, and fried food when I can get it. I will still pick up a Starbucks hot chocolate and snack on cake. But for the most part, I try to eat fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. I go for brown rice over white rice because I prefer it, not because it’s cleaner. I still get microwave meals, but try not to have them every day.

Clean eating suggests that there is something called dirty eating. There is no such thing. Yes, we should all eat healthy food and try to cut out on the stuff that causes health problems, but remember that’s been the same story for years now. Food is about fuelling your body to do things. Food tastes great, but actually it’s not about that. It’s like putting fuel in a car. You need it to keep going. Sounds unexciting, right? Well, that’s why you should enjoy it. Make the most of the fact that this is a basic part of life and pick good food that tastes great and you love to eat. Eat it in front of the telly, or with a bunch of friends, whatever makes you happiest. Eat ice cream when you’re sad, and fresh salads in the summer on a picnic blanket. If it makes you happy, then that’s what matters.

Stop fretting about clean eating. Are you eating right for you? Food is not dirty (unless it’s covered in mould when it shouldn’t be, then I recommend you don’t eat it). Food is there to be savoured, enjoyed and shared.

I’m hoping the next big trend in food will be “moderation”. Treating everything with a bit of mindfulness is the way forward. Don’t deny yourself something just because it’s not endorsed by the latest diet. Don’t be miserable and stop enjoying something just because someone has told you it’s not fashionable any more. Eat right for you. That’s the cleanest way forward.

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  1. Yes! I have been saying this to my friends for the longest time. Should we try to eat well balanced meals? Yes! But does that mean we need to curb the pizza addiction? No! I try to stick to an ‘everything in moderation’ outlook. If I want the cake I eat it, but more often than not I eat things that are a little healthier.

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