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I didn’t post yesterday because I was marching. The Women’s March reached 673 countries and all 7 continents. They estimate 4.75 million people attended. The day itself was uplifting, inspiring, and emotional. It was an honour to march among so many strong and inspirational people – in particular, T, L and CK – just in London over 100,000 people turned out. So I decided not to post – some things are a bit more important than regular blog posts, after all. But here’s what I would have posted yesterday… enjoy!

I have been wearing this colour pretty much all winter. I absolutely adore it. This rich aubergine balances neatly between purple and black, so that it has a gothic sophistication to it. Nails inc have some of the best colour around – long-lasting, bold and gentle on the nails so you don’t get odd stains when you take it off. It helps if you use Nails inc Superfood NailKale base coat, £15, as a base, of course! (By the way, that stuff is genius if you need a base coat that strengthens your nails)

Nails inc Grosvenor Crescent nail polish, £14, is gorgeous – really rich and layered. It lasts (with a good top coat) about 5 days, which is perhaps the longest I’ve managed to keep a good manicure in a while. Worth every penny!

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