The Trouble with DOMS Day

Monday 30 January 2017 by

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Today I’ve been hit by DOMS. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a peril we all have when training for anything. I tend to get it the worst when I’m running; DOMS tend to hit my glutes, hip flexors and hamstrings. So when I ran on Saturday, I knew that Monday would arrive and my legs would be stiff and aching. Sure enough, so it is. DOMS always hits the day after the next day from exercise, but here are some things to counteract it…

The simplest and most straightforward way to counter DOMS is to keep exercising. Make sure you don’t give in to the aches and continue with your workouts as normal. Just take a little more care when warming up and stretching, as this will help with the DOMS next time. The only issue with this is that the minute you stop and have a rest day (or days), it’s going to hit you hard.

Which is why the better way to counter DOMS is a twofold approach: water, and stretching. Allow the DOMS to happen – it’s a way of your body repairing itself and telling you to take care. But make sure you keep moving – the longer you stay still, the worse it will feel – and stretch when you can. Take the stairs instead of the lift, and get out at lunchtime for a good walk. The water thing is a given; make sure you drink lots to keep your muscles hydrated. If you can, try to drink more than normal to keep them flexible.

Try to get some extra protein in your diet too; it will help with muscle repair. I’ll always make sure to eat egg and/or chicken on DOMS day!

DOMS is never fun, and it’s always going to be a rough day, but it gets less and less the more you train, and once you have your DOMS day routine down, you’ll survive it no problem!

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