When it Calls for Plums

Saturday 4 February 2017 by


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Spring is just around the corner, so it’s kind of the last chance for rich, dark lipsticks. This one is extra intense, and not a colour I’m used to wearing at all. Topshop Lips in Depth (£8, now £1) is a rich plum colour. Like all Topshop lipsticks, it’s a velvety matte colour that’s not too drying. This takes a lot of confidence to wear this colour, but it currently matches my nails (Nails Inc in Grosvenor Crescent) and I’m definitely getting more bold about my choices in lipsticks. I’m having so much fun, and branching out from standard reds and pinks is proving to be part of that. This might not be an every day colour, but whenever I need an extra boost and want to wear something a bit different, I automatically reach for my Topshop lipstick.

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