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Brunch is probably the most Instagrammed meal of the day. There seems no end to the beautifully constructed plates of eggs, pancakes, bacon, berries and compotes that file past my feed every weekend. And I buy in to it completely. I love a good looking avocado on toast.

I haven’t seen S in about 2 years, and S is one of the best brunchers around, so it was natural that we’d meet up on a sunny Sunday for a spot of food. S suggested Andina London in Shoreditch – a nice middle ground for both of us to get to, and a new place neither of us had tried before.

Andina is a restaurant and pisco bar with food from the Peruvian Andes. Food is healthy, fresh and made to order, all with a delicious flair. The menu on the website is pretty limited, but when you get there you can take your pick of so much more – including vegan and gluten free options. Sadly they don’t do gluten free bread, so the eggs and avocado isn’t an option. However, I decided on a pot of tea and the pancakes.

These pancakes are incredible – light and fluffy, these are sweet potato pancakes with fresh berries, honey and coconut cream. I asked for a side of bacon which, although good, was a little disappointing as you only get one slice. It didn’t matter too much once I was tucking in to the pancakes though because these things are little pieces of heaven. Not too heavy, they are just sweet enough without being sickly. The pot of tea didn’t over-brew so was the ideal accompaniment and the service was quick and friendly.

Andina has the kind of menu where you want to try one of everything, so I will definitely be going back. However, knowing me, I’ll just keep ordering the pancakes until I die.

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