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Not everyone can afford gym membership (and not everyone wants to go to the gym). Not everyone wants to train in the great outdoors either – besides, half the time the weather is working against you. So I find it always helps me to have some things in the home so I can do a quick workout in the comfort of my own living room. If you want to workout at home, though, it’s best to have a few basics to hand.

Yoga mat

A yoga mat is dead cheap to get hold of, and will help when you’re doing burpees too. You can get one from pretty much any shop nowadays (even River Island have their own yoga mats), just look for one with a good grip on the floor so you’re not sliding around as you’re trying to workout.


Kettlebells are great additions to a workout. They’re super versatile, and you can pick up one for as little as £10. However, make sure you know what weight you’re going for. I chose one slightly higher than I would be totally comfortable with purely because I wanted something I could push myself with. However, you can get a 4kg kettlebell from Argos, which is a great starting point.


This is pretty much the standard when it comes to home workouts – again, you can get them quite cheap and in a variety of weights. You can even splash out and get a set of dumbbells in ever-increasing weights. Most of them you can get from Argos again, but try to shop around as they can be pricier than they need to be.

Foam roller

If you don’t already have one of these, then I’d recommend getting one anyway! Especially if you’re training heavily, foam rollers are a lifesaver when it comes to muscle recovery. You can pick one up from places like Sports Direct and Amazon, but price depends on how fancy a foam roller you want – basic ones can be under a tenner, but state-of-the-art foam rollers go for over £45!

Fitness stability ball

I love sitting on these things when I work anyway (it helps my shockingly weak core) but they are great additions to a home workout. Sports Direct sell a variety of sizes, but remember to take the time to pump it up properly! There are plenty of YouTube videos about incorporating stability balls in to your routine, so check those out too.

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