Finding Focus, or Showing Off in 2018

Monday 1 May 2017 by

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Here’s the deal. I have a personal trainer. I have seven apps on my phone for my health and fitness – tracking, inspiring, instructing. I have a gym membership that costs me nearly £50 a month, and a whole drawer dedicated to lycra. So how come I find it so hard to workout? I mean, a lot of it is down to my naturally lazy character, I’m sure. But it’s also a sense of losing direction. What am I working out for? As lovely as abs are, I love food and bed too much to ever realistically have the figure of a supermodel. I have no purpose.

Cue my phonecall with my PT. “Tell me I’m crazy, but…” It’s the day of the London Marathon. I’ve avoided it with a sense of bittersweet-ness. After all, I had applied to do it and didn’t get through. Even though I know, logically, that I wasn’t in a place to do it, I still had FOMO. The fantastic thing about my PT is that she doesn’t call me crazy. In fact, I think her enthusiasm could be summed up as an excited fuck yeah.

Fed up of feeling directionless, of avoiding workouts because I’d rather eat a tub of Ben and Jerry’s even though I hate how I feel when I do it, I made a choice. Next year I would prove to myself that I Can. I have a year to focus myself, to put some purpose back in the fitness. And then in 2018 I am going to push myself to prove how amazing my body really is…

London Marathon

Forget waiting for a ballot slot, I’m going for it this time. According to my countdown app, I have 355 days until the next London Marathon. I swore I would do it (it was the first marathon I ever watched that made me want to do it), and so the first challenge in 2018 will be the London Marathon in April.

3 Peaks Challenge

Climbing Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon in 24 hours doesn’t really sound like my kind of thing. But then I realised that one of the best experiences I’ve had was walking Hadrian’s Wall. Plus, it’s in the summer, so a perfect pit stop for my fitness challenge. I don’t want to over-do it on the running, and I know people have said how amazing this experience it is. Time to see for myself.

Athens Marathon

The original marathon. The moment I figure out whether or not I can actually do a marathon in another country (my dream is the Great Wall of China Marathon). It’s in November, so shouldn’t be too hot, and it’s something both my dad and I have wanted to do since reading Murakami. It would be the pinnacle of the year.

Barring injury or some other event to stop me, I want to (and will do) complete all three challenges in one year. It’s a chance to focus myself in to something, but it’s also my chance to prove to myself how impressive I am. I can remember training for the Bristol to Bath Marathon and constantly being impressed with my body – what it could endure, what it would do, and how my brain changed. Runners are perhaps one of the more annoying fitness clans out there, but there is something in the psyche that changes when you run. Whether it’s 5km or a marathon, there’s a magic in it. I’ve talked before about losing that magic and trying to find it again. Now it’s time to focus that magic to show just how brilliant it is. It’s time to find faith in myself again.

And perhaps show off a bit.

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