Where Have You Been?

Monday 28 August 2017 by

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Remember how, back in April, I spoke about where I had gone? I talked about how other things push aside the hobby or more fun pastimes, and that before you know it, that fun thing has been waiting for you for months and it has drifted away.

The absences are telling. They reflect what’s going on elsewhere in my life, and every time I find myself mourning the blog – I miss it. I want it to be bigger, better and more fun. I want it to be a happy little place to visit.

But it takes time and effort to create that space. It takes dedication, a commitment of energy. In recent months, I have had to commit that energy elsewhere. Sometimes for boring things, and sometimes for super exciting things like 3 of Cups Press. When you find that perfect balance between the mundane and the exciting, the hard work and the easy work, that’s when creativity can come to the fore.

I am letting my creativity come through again. I want to be here, I want you to enjoy House of Blog as much as I do when I write it. It’s time to come up with that balance where I can still blog regularly and create a bright, safe corner of the internet. It’s time to stop mourning it and brush off the dust and start again (again).

Welcome back. I’ve missed you all.

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