Happy New Year

Monday 1 January 2018 by

Happy New Year! There’s something immensely satisfying about the year starting on a Monday. It feels like a true fresh start. I love the New Year, even if most people find it too much.

2017 wasn’t easy for me – for many reasons – and it meant that blogging became less of a priority. I felt it wasn’t important enough, and so I let it fall by the wayside. No matter how many times I tried to revive it, something wouldn’t quite stick, and I found myself letting it go again. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that it was okay to let it go. I had to forgive myself for that and instead realise that I had enough to concentrate on without adding blogging to the mix.

But 2018 feels more positive. The start of the year always does, for me. I like the feeling of renewal it brings – the fresh start and even the New Year’s Resolutions. I get very carried away with New Year’s Resolutions, as I’m sure a lot of people do, and end up making promises I simply can’t possibly keep. I’m trying not to do that this year, and instead set myself something a bit more realistic.

This year is going to be all about self-nurture.

Self-care was one of 2017’s buzzwords and don’t get me wrong, I will continue to practice self-care throughout the coming year. But this year is about nurturing myself in to someone I’m proud of. I want to get back to writing and blogging, I want to get back to being fit and healthy, and I want to get back to that London social life I love. These things are all achievable, but they’re going to taking some encouragement to get there. And that can only come from me.

I’m not dreaming of those Instagram-worthy lifestyles, or anything particularly glamorous, but something more authentic to me. I want to hear my own voice in my writing and blogging, I want to be comfortable in the skin I’m in. I want to walk through London and remember why I love it so much. And those things are not hard to do – so why aren’t I doing them already?

2018 is my chance to refresh the page, so to speak. Delete the cookies, open a new browser, and start again. It’s fresh and new and full of possibility. So there’s a chance it’s not going to be sunshine and rainbows. But there’s also a chance that it might be. So why not choose some goals to make you happy and start 2018 with a positive thought.

It is a New Year, after all.

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