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Wednesday 10 January 2018 by

I knew that going vegan wouldn’t be easy for me. Whether that was because I have the added factor of being gluten intolerant, or the fact that I just really love cheese. Either way, I needed a guiding hand. Which is why I picked up Feed Me Vegan by Lucy Watson, £16.99.

This book is packed with delicious recipes for every occasion – including an Oreo thickshake that I wish I could try. Easy to follow and filled with tips and tricks, this has become a bit of a bible for me during Veganuary.

One of the best things I’ve done is to plan and prepare my food beforehand. It sounds really obvious, but I’m typically rubbish at this and end up spending a fortune on lunches. Feed Me Vegan has supplied me with plenty of recipes for lunches – including a sweet potato and butternut squash soup that tastes amazing.

I even tried out the brownies on my friends. Typically made with normal flour and with raspberries and pistachios, I switched in gluten free flour and left out the extra ingredients for rich, indulgent brownies that went down a storm. Considering it was my first attempt at baking in my oven (I haven’t baked all year), I think that was a success!

Veganuary has become so much easier now I have a wealth of recipes at my fingertips, and with some extra planning it means I don’t fall off the wagon. I still miss cheese, though.

Other resources I have been using

  • Mindful Chef
  • Strong by Zanna Van Dijk
  • The Food Medic by Dr Hazel Wallace

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