Why I Love My Asics

Monday 22 January 2018 by

Despite all my training in the gym and the fact that I like to walk pretty much everywhere, my main form of exercise is running. I really am one of those obnoxious people that harps on about running all the time – and I will tell you to go running if I get the opportunity.

The thing is, running is brilliant. It gets you outdoors, gets you fit, and it can be both a solo pursuit and sociable. Running gives me time to clear my mind, or work through anything I have going on. I can do it on a treadmill or out on the street. I can even go cross country (although I tend to avoid that where possible because I have a weak ankle).

I even love the gear. Jazzy leggings, a bright pink Armpocket, and I’m set. But the best thing I own are my Asics. My Asics have been through literally hundreds of miles with me (not the same pair) and even got me through my marathon. My Asics have been on my side longer than any workout bra or set of headphones ever have.

I over-pronate, which means I go over on my ankles as I run. In the long term, this can cause all sorts of problems. But not with my Asics. These trainers (I wear GT-2000s) are specially built for over-pronators, which keeps me on an even keel for every mile. The extra padding means I run straight, and the gel cushioning helps with protecting my joints.

I even love how bright they are. Because I wear a particular pair, I tend to be limited on what colourway I can get, but for the past few years it’s been this bright orange pair that work just as well as any reflective gear could hope to.

Of course, I was recommended these from a running shop after I had my gait tested (if you are going to be running any serious amount I definitely recommend going to a running shop and doing the same), so I’ve never had to deal with the misery of wearing the wrong kind of shoes. Issues such as shin splints or bad knees aren’t a problem with the right pair of trainers. Lightweight, durable, breathable and comfortable, my Asics see me through every run and every race. I’ve never had to use anything else.

Asics GT-2000 trainers, starting from £115

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