Good Enough To Eat

Thursday 6 February 2014 by

I hosted a Body Shop party last weekend for my nearest and dearest for the first time in years. I remember when they were a bit...

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Awards Season

Thursday 23 January 2014 by

For me January blues have always been washed away by the excitement of awards season. I can remember always being excited as a little...

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Fringe Benefits

Thursday 9 January 2014 by

It’s fair to say I like to procrastinate. I overthink everything for too long and easily talk myself out of any idea I have. It...

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Christmas Party Panic Buying

Thursday 12 December 2013 by

What is it about Christmas parties? Every year in September when the first mention of the office Christmas party is thrown around I...

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Multi-Purpose Products

Thursday 28 November 2013 by

Since the changing of the clocks I have found it very difficult to get up in the morning, what was once a morning routine of 07:30...

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A Time for Change

Friday 15 November 2013 by

My friends will tell you that when it comes to changing my hair I’m a bit of a coward. With the odd small adjustment, a few...

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