Wednesday 3 January 2018 by

I’m a big meat-eater normally. I love meat and fish. But I’m not one of those people who are precious about it – I can easily eat a...

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TV Review: The Miniaturist

Tuesday 2 January 2018 by

Christmas on the BBC always promises great drama. This year, the two main dramas were both adapted from books – The Miniaturist and...

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Happy New Year

Monday 1 January 2018 by

Happy New Year! There’s something immensely satisfying about the year starting on a Monday. It feels like a true fresh start. I love...

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Book Review: Lincoln in the Ba...

Tuesday 17 October 2017 by

  Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders Publishing by Bloomsbury The American Civil War rages while President Lincoln’s...

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The Fitness Challenge 2

Monday 16 October 2017 by

Remember how I promised to run every day for four weeks? I promised to keep myself moving and prove that I could do it. Well, I am...

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The Fitness Challenge 1

Monday 11 September 2017 by

I’ve got the fitness blues. There’s no way to get around it. No matter what I try or how I try to mix things up, I just can’t find my...

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