My 5 Favourite Film Scores

Wednesday 13 August 2014 by

First of all, let me put your fears to rest. You aren’t going to find any ‘My Heart Will Go On’ or ‘Wind...

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Film Review: Maleficent

Monday 7 July 2014 by

Insert sad face here. Prepare yourself people, this isn’t going to be pretty. Picture me hand writing this, my tears dotting...

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Commuters Survival Guide

Thursday 24 April 2014 by

Men and women in elegant business attire and bespoke three piece suits, casually reading the Financial Times. Long goodbyes from...

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The 48th State

Friday 7 March 2014 by

Wednesday 26th February 2014. The governor of the 6th largest state in America decided that a bill, allowing lawful discrimination of...

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Book Review: The Abominable

Tuesday 11 February 2014 by

I couldn’t wait to write this review. After just a few minutes of finishing the book, I am poised in front of my laptop, trying...

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Film Review: All is Lost

Friday 10 January 2014 by

All Is Lost This film crept up on me, coming from nowhere it has largely relied on positive reviews posted on the internet. I began...

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