Beware of the Dog

It’s a sad situation but as with everything, there has to be some House Rules on the House of Blog. Which is why I have installed a Guard Dog to make sure that everyone who visits abides by the rules – to make it a friendly and safe environment for everyone. House of Blog is an open environment for people to express their views – these are not necessarily the views of all contributors or the Landlady, however content will be monitored for offensive material.

Rule One:

No foul language or abuse – it will NOT be tolerated

Use of Images

All images, unless otherwise stated, are property of the post’s author.

If alternate sources for photography is used, I will always try to credit the original source. If the credit is incorrect or you wish an image to be removed from the blog, I will gladly comply.


No words or images from House of Blog may be reproduced without express permission from the copyright holder.

For Housemates:

All images used by the Housemates that are not their own must be correctly attributed with Creative Commons licensing.

All sponsored posts or free samples must be clearly and correctly attributed; if it is a review, it is taken to be an honest account.

Reviews – even if negative – must not be personal attacks on any person, company or collective. Any reviews seen to be breaking the rules will immediately be withdrawn and the Housemate receive a ban.

For Advertisers:

Advertisers must commit to the advertising package. For more information about the package, visit the Advertisers page.

All Advertisers must give clear representation – false advertising will NOT be tolerated.

Any Advertisers found to be breaking the rules will receive a permanent ban from advertising with House of Blog.

Anyone wishing to advertise House of Blog as part of their own blog, site or business, must do so with the express consent of House of Blog.