Food of the Month: Peas

Thursday 2 April 2015 by

There’s nothing quite like fresh peas to get you in the spring spirit, and now they’re coming in to season, there really...

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Food of the Month: Lemon

Tuesday 3 March 2015 by

Okay, so I’m going a bit mad with citrus fruits, but the lemon is just on its way out of season, so you had better grab them while...

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Food of the Month: Grapefruit

Monday 2 February 2015 by

In heady anticipation of the summer months ahead, we are sticking with more citrus fruits this February. The grapefruit is the tangy,...

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Food of the Month: Blood Orang...

Saturday 3 January 2015 by

Citrus fruits might be the taste of Summer, but January is the dawn of blood orange season. In particular, the Tarocco blood orange...

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Food of the Month: Apples

Tuesday 2 December 2014 by

Sometimes it is best to keep things simple. The festive season means that December is often a busy month, and food can be a secondary...

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Food of the Month: Celeriac

Monday 3 November 2014 by

This unseasonable super-mild weather has me all turned-about; I should be eating stews and lots of autumnal comfort food, and yet...

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Food of the Month: Figs

Wednesday 8 October 2014 by

We’re definitely heading in to autumn now, which means food is going to get much more comfort-heavy for me. I like those...

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Food of the Month: Pears

Tuesday 9 September 2014 by

We’re in the dog-days of summer, which also means the last of the summer fruits and moving towards the winter warmers. This...

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Food of the Month: Scallops

Saturday 2 August 2014 by

Sometimes you’ve just got to splash out. And this month is your last chance to chow down on some yummy in-season scallops! This...

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