Meet the Housemates

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House of Blog is looking for Housemates!


My vision for the House of Blog is a place for contributors of all kinds to come and have their moment on a soapbox. It’s a friendly environment for anyone who has a passion about something and they just want to talk about it with like-minded people.

Do you have a review you want to share? Perhaps you have some advice? Or perhaps you’ve been meaning to set up your very own blog for a while but never found the time, but have a handful of posts ready.

From the box room to the penthouse, Housemates will always have a room.

Got a one-off post you want to submit? Or fancy having a regular weekly or monthly slot? Email me at

All I need to know is:

What you want to write about
How often you want to write about it
A picture and 100-150 word biography

It’s as simple as that!

Posts are subject to House of Blog Guidelines – check in with the Guard Dog for more information.