TV Review: 13 Reasons Why

Tuesday 18 April 2017 by

Netflix series tend to be the strongest series on offer at the moment. And the one that they’re pushing the most is 13 Reasons Why....

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TV Review: Medici: Masters of ...

Tuesday 17 January 2017 by

The Medici family gained worldwide fame (and power) in the 15th and 16th Centuries, beginning as bankers in Florence and becoming a...

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TV Review: The OA

Tuesday 3 January 2017 by

When Netflix released Stranger Things, people went in to overdrive about how brilliant it was (it really was). Then, The OA came...

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TV Review: Z Nation Season One

Monday 25 April 2016 by

Netflix is my go-to for watching anything nowadays. Without a TV, streaming is ultimately my only option, but Netflix still does it...

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TV Review: Daredevil Season 2

Monday 11 April 2016 by

Guess what’s back on our screens and making me inordinately happy? That’s right: Daredevil. Season two has arrived on Netflix and I’m...

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TV Review: Love

Monday 4 April 2016 by

Signed for two seasons before even making its debut, Love is the Netflix series that is slowly becoming a hit. Love tells the story...

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